Adam’s Stepsons

Tanja’s voice suddenly echoed in his head…or was it from speakers in the room?…

The clones must have a complete working knowledge of racial, ethnic, and religious history…”

No, he thought. The fools…

AS-FinalFrontCvrDr. Johann Heimann designed the perfect soldiers: superhuman in strength and intelligence, immune to sickness and disease, programmed to lead the United Americas to a quick victory in the Mars Colony War. But Heimann didn’t anticipate the military’s unrealistic demands, or his own emotional responses to his creations. And now Number Six is calling him “Father”! What exactly is going on during the clones’ personality imprinting cycle?

As Heimann starts his investigation, Number Six grows in confidence and self-awareness…and both discover the project hides a secret even Heimann, himself, doesn’t suspect…



Honorable Mention in the
2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards
(Best Short Story / Novella category).



fa-badge-printBookWorks Featured Author
book selection






2017 Book of the Year Award – Independent Author Network

“Best Novella” Finalist





NABE Fall 2017 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Best Book in the Science Fiction Category





2017 New Apple Awards – Official Selection in the E-book science fiction category


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The Fall 2017 Goodreads Giveaway for this book ended on 11/15/2017. 10 entrants out of 1955 won copies.

The Spring 2017 Goodreads Giveway for this book ended on 5/17/2017. 5 entrants out of 1646 won a signed copy.

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92 pages

ISBN-13 978-1542689809

Amazon Digital Services LLC / CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Paperback and Ebook

Paperback (US)              Amazon UK

Amazon Japan                    Barnes & Noble               AbeBooks


US Kindle Store                   Canada Kindle Store

UK Kindle Store                   Australia Kindle Store

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Praise for Adam’s Stepsons

“The characters of Heimann and Six are well-defined, and the developing tensions between the erstwhile father and son make this tale hard to put down.” (Jack Magnus, Readers Favorites)

“By the end, I couldn’t put it down.” (Greg Spry, author of the Beyond Saga series)

“…new and thought-provoking…as with any good shorter piece, a revelation at the end makes you glad you carried through to the finale.” (Blaine C. Readler, author of Moonstroke and The Colony)

“Apple’s grasp of the science fiction genre and the concepts involved make this a masterful novella with an ending that is sure to shock.” – Red City Review

“A gnostic Phillip K. Dick! Like the best fiction, Apple uses science fiction as a visceral distraction while exploring man’s existential position in the universe.” – Noah K. Mullette-Gillman, author of Luminous & Ominous and Farther Than We Dreamed

“The age-old conflict between science and the military, and the moral questions the author raises, of being able to create life forms, come to a climax that is nothing short of spectacular, and would fit well into the old “Astounding Science Fiction” tales of the fifties.” – Charles Freedom Long, author of Witches’ Gambit and Dancing with the Dead

Adam’s Stepsons is a fun addition to the long canon of science fiction that dares to ask the “what if” of the future. It also seeks to ask the “should we, if we can” question that not enough science fiction is retrospective enough to ask. A good read for any science fiction lover, especially of the Heinlein or Asimov variety.” – Literary Titan


“What is Reality?”

An in-depth interview, including detailed questions and answers about the characters and their interactions.

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