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Book 1: Bringer of Light

A familiar baritone voice echoed around the Hopper.

“This is the Captain of the Sagittarius. That’s my rock you’re standing on. Get off.”


In the near future, multinat conglomerates plunder the solar system for raw materials to sell to increasingly hostile governments. The intense competition for resources further out into the solar system results in the establishment of an asteroid-ore processing plant on the dwarf planet of Ceres, run by robots and clones, controlled by humans. Most asteroids are mined from inside the solar system, but any asteroids tracked from outside the solar system are very desirable due to the possibility of new substances being discovered. One such asteroid is discovered by the spaceship Artemis and Captain Clarissa “Riss” Kragen.

To the disappointment of the Artemis crew, the rock is ultimately judged as comprising mostly ice and inert materials, with only some trace substances and no valuable minerals.  They turn a chunk of it into drinking water for their own use and send the rest to the burgeoning Mars colony for further processing. Unknown to the crewmembers, the ice contains undetectable alien genetic material from outside the solar system. Before long, the crewmembers begin to hear voices, to experience other dimensionalities, and to learn more about the nature of the universe than they were prepared to. Their internal conflicts and new understanding of reality lead them to establish a new community on Mars, where the conflict sunders the Awakened from the Terrans who refuse to participate. Mars is reborn, and humanity will never be the same…


Chapter 1: The Rock

Chapter 2: Lunar Base

Chapter 3: The Artemis (Part 1)

Chapter 3: The Artemis (Part 2) 

Chapter 4: Mars Colonies (Part 1)

Chapter 4: Mars Colonies (Part 2)

Chapter 5: Riss

Chapter 6: Brady

Chapter 7: Sanvi

Chapter 8: Enoch

Chapter 9: Mars Colonies (Part 1)

Chapter 9: Mars Colonies (Part 2)

Chapter 10: The Artemis (Part 1)

Chapter 10: The Artemis (Part 2)

Chapter 11: Ceres (Part 1)

Chapter 11: Ceres (Part 2)

Chapter 12: The Sagittarius

Chapter 13: The Artemis

Chapter 14: Mars Colonies

Chapter 15: The Sagittarius

Chapter 16: The Artemis

Chapter 17: Luna Base

Chapter 18: The Artemis

Chapter 19: The Sagittarius (Part 1)

Chapter 19: The Sagittarius (Part 2)

Chapter 20: The United Mars Colonies

Chapter 21: Transit – Luna to Ceres

Chapter 22: The Artemis

Chapter 23: Luna

Chapter 24: The Artemis–Transjovial

Chapter 25: Transit–Transjovial to Hunting Grounds

Chapter 26: Ceres

Chapter 27: Luna

Chapter 28: Ceres – The Artemis

Chapter 29: Ceres – Weng

Chapter 30: Ceres – The Sagittarius

Chapter 31: Ceres – The mining station (Part 1)

Chapter 31: Ceres – The mining station (Part 2)

Chapter 32: United Mars Colonies

Chapter 33: Ceres – Weng

Chapter 34: Luna Departure

Chapter 35: United Mars Colonies (Part 1)

Chapter 35: United Mars Colonies (Part 2)

Chapter 35: United Mars Colonies (Part 3)

Chapter 36: Transit – Luna to Ceres

Chapter 37: Transit – Ceres to Luna

Chapter 38: United Mars Colonies: Cut the Tether (Part 1) – The UA sends an unwelcome New Year’s gift

Chapter 38: United Mars Colonies: Cut the Tether (Part 2) – Enoch and Cooper work to prevent a tragedy in early February

Chapter 39: Transit: Lost – Gennaji opens a strange, giant tin can by the end of February

Chapter 40: United Mars Colonies: The Sundering Begins – at long last, in March

Chapter 41: United Mars Colonies: Weng – making a difficult choice in April

Note: All chapters are first versions and their content will very likely be changed and the order rearranged prior to print / ebook publication.

Tentatively published in 2024

Book 2: Defenders of Areopagus

Starting with the dawn of the new Martian Age, all humans living in the Mars colony are gradually changed due to the alien genetic material infecting their water supply. A hundred years after the Artemis, all Martians now have a Gnostic-Universal experience as part of their daily lives, abilities making them appear super-human to Terrans. Needing a supply of body parts to sustain dwindling Earth populations, and believing that ingesting Martian flesh will endow them with similar abilities, Terran raiders venture to the Martian landscape in search of victims. Sects/monasteries develop on Mars for advanced abilities, including heightened awareness of the oneness of reality, the ability to manipulate material objects, and cross-dimensional space travel.

Tessa, a Martian girl who was kidnapped and brought offworld as a child, returns to the planet of her birth, determined to learn more about her heritage. Her coming sets off an inter-world war between the dying cities of Earth and the fledgling cities of Mars. Hell-bent on taking control of Mars again, Earth launches an all-out assault. Meanwhile, a secret weapon is under construction by the most unlikely group…

Quite possibly out by 2026

Book 3: Return to Omphales

Unbeknownst to the military on both sides, religious separatists have developed in secret an ultimate weapon: a quantum rifle based that can potentially kill anybody, anywhere, at any distance, so long as the target is tagged with the proper space-time coordinates. The separatists intend to use it in a bid to establish their own colony, but have no real idea how to set the proper coordinates. Coming on the failure of their invasion of Mars, the surviving Terran nationstates seize the chance to steal the weapon and use it against the real power on Mars: the Red Temple. Terrans who have managed to assimilate some of the Martian powers infiltrate the society, and attempt to “tag” the priests one by one as they sleep to rejuvenate their energies.

After two of their top priests are killed seemingly from nowhere, Martian Mystics start to rotate sleeping patterns and locations. It doesn’t work, and after two or three more murders two factions emerge. The biggest faction seeks to use their knowledge of energy fields to maintain a huge bubble around Mars to prevent the rifle from working while they find the spies on Mars. The other, smaller faction seeks to dimension-walk to find the source of the rifle and eliminate it. The bubble-creating faction wins the argument, but they fail to realize the risk at maintaining a bubble of dynamic uncertainty through which a weapon of quantum uncertainty fires…and at the same time, the Terrans require more and more energy discharges from the sun to power the weapon, discharges that endanger the Moon Base and civilization on Earth. In the meantime, the dimension-walkers decide to set out, against the Red Temple Council’s orders, to find the rifle on their own. The story becomes a race against time, as the dimension-walkers attempt to find the quantum rifle before both worlds destroy themselves, and potentially reality itself…

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