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Beowulf, King Arthur, Nietzsche, and baseball: The perfect combination (?)

Originally from Troy, New York, M. Thomas Apple spent part of his childhood in a tiny hamlet in the Helderbergs and his teenage years in a slightly larger village in the Adirondacks. He studied languages and literature as an undergraduate student at Bard College and later creative writing at the University of Notre Dame du Lac, where he wrote a controversial, award-winning opinion column for the student-run daily newspaper, The Observer.

After further studies at Temple University, he now teaches global issues and English as a second language at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. He lives in a house co-designed with his wife and partially decorated by his two daughters, nestled in the foothills of the mountains and surrounded by lots and lots of Japanese cedar and cicada. A holder of 4th dan in Shorinji Kempo, he also enjoys hiking and running, as long as his asthma behaves itself.

His first novel, Approaching Twi-Night, received positive reviews from Self-Publishing Review and Kirkus Reviews, among others. A non-fiction book of essays (Taking Leave: An American on Paternity Leave in Japan, Perceptia Press) was published in October 2015, and a collection of his short fiction and poetry (Notes from the Nineties) was released in March 2016. He is currently engaged in several creative book projects, including a memoire (My Three Granddads), historical fiction (Who Dares Nothing, part of a new cycle called Refugees & Revolution), as well as science fiction short stories and novels.

His novelette/novella Adam’s Stepsons is a preview of the futuristic dystopian world of the trilogy tentatively called Children of Pella. The first book of the trilogy is nearing the final draft stage and hopefully will be published by New Year’s 2019.

His recent academic publications include edited books on language motivation, Language Learning Motivation in Japan (Multilingual Matters, 2013) and L2 Selves and Motivations in Asian Contexts (November, 2016). He’s also got several individual and jointly-authored academic papers in varying stages of revision. He needs coffee.

Visit M Thomas Apple’s academic homepage: http://manzano0627.wix.com/home

Visit the author’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mthomasapple/


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