Freebies and previews

Bunny-coverFinally, a post after two and a half months! Yes, I was/am/will be busy. And so it goes.

As requested, I have finally managed to put some previews of my work online. The new page of “Freebies” has one short story so far (The Lost Bunny Shrine of Annandale), which is currently available as a .mobi download for Kindle. One commenter on Goodreads complained that it was about a bunch of drunken college guys.

Yep. And a bunny shrine is, of course, involved. The horror…

I don’t view that as much of a criticism, to be honest. It is what it is. Check it out for yourself!

I can make other formats available (maybe, if I can figure out how to convert it) if people ask. Other stories have a pic but now file right now. (Coming soon!)

I’ll make another story available as a download in about a month. I hope these will be enough to give you a sense of my writing style and content. (Hint: I don’t do vampires, werewolves, or everything-is-blowing-up-but-the-teenager-will-save-the-world.)

In the meantime, I’m struggling to find the time to finish a horror short story set in rural Japan, and while I’ve sent out several SF short stories to various magazines, there have been no bites yet (one editor commented that he liked the concepts in my novelette but wasn’t satisfied with the pace…so, uh, give me a chance to revise, then!). Still working from time to time on a series of SF novels, but scene by scene is taking too long. Synopsis and outlines are all finished, character backgrounds need a bit of fleshing out. And my kids need dinner.


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