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12 Times SFF Characters Trained Their Own Duplicates

July 3, 2019


My award-winning SF novella Adam’s Stepsons featured clones, which as some reviewers noted came a little after the peak of clones (although I wonder if we have yet to hit the “peak,” given scientific progress).

So as I was scouring the net for summer reads, I came across a lot of books about clones and ethical dilemmas (or lack thereof).

The main article I’ve linked here is from Tor.com, which often posts great stuff about SF  (Note to Google: SF does NOT mean “San Francisco” all the time”! I mean, come on, already. The abbreviation has been used for over half a century now).

The problem is that the Tor article only considers characters from movies and TV shows (and doesn’t give anywhere near a complete list, of course).

I’m also not keen on some of their choices…the Harry Potter portraits are clones? Come on…

So here are a few more links to articles with books featuring clones (there are a few duplicates…of course…)

5 Thought-provoking books about human cloning


– Are the characters in Brave New World actually clones?

12 Memorable Times Science Fiction Books Sent in the Clones


Boo, your pun is predictable but the list does contain some good (newer) books (and of course a few duplicates…)

19 Best Science Fiction Books about Clones

19 Best Science Fiction Books About Clones

Note to B & N: Jurassic Park is not a book about human clones. Also, a hybrid human is not really a clone. Also also, Cloud Atlas doesn’t belong on this list. But anyway kudos for including older books.

Still confused? Here’s Your Guide to the Types of Clones in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

(And, yes, I am still trying to finish the first draft of my new SF novel. Closing in on 70,000 words. But it’s summer…”


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