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“Beaver Moon” lunar eclipse, if you can stay awake long enough…

November 25, 2020

Visible from the Americas, Australia and Asia, the “Beaver Moon” will pass through Earth’s outer shadow (penumbra) at 07:32 Universal Time, causing a slight penumbral lunar eclipse that will see 83% of the Moon visibly darken at 9:42 Universal Time…


OK, I give up. “Universal Time”?

(Quickly googles.)

Also known as Coordinated Universal Time, UTC, and UT1, based on International Atomic Time.

Sorry. Never heard of it. I can’t even figure out “Greenwich Mean Time,” since I don’t live near Greenwich.

For us mortals, how about just giving a time some of us use daily?

Ah. 4:42 EDT for New Yorkers and 1:42 PDT for Californians…except of course daylights savings time have already changed (three weeks ago, Forbes!) so the article should have read EST and PST…but…

Although it’s visible in Australia and “Asia” (which part? all of it? Asia is pretty big.), no times are given for either.

Japan is (looks up “UTC” again) +9 to so-called Universal Time. So the “Beaver Moon” is, um, visible at 6:42 P.M. Add one hour for eastern Australia and subtract one hour for Western Australia, Singapore, and China (which insists on only being one time zone for some reason).

But the rest of Asia? Can people in India see this at (looks up UTC again) 2:42 p.m.? (Good luck!) Aren’t Turkey and Iran and all the “-stans” also in Asia?

Come on, man. Stop it with the “the Americas” and “Asia” vagueness. Either tell us which countries can see it or just don’t bother mentioning it.

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