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Astronomers found a black hole in our cosmic backyard!

November 9, 2022

Only 1600 light years away!

And it’s a binary system. Very odd.

It’s also “dormant.” Even stranger.

Ten times the size of our Sun, as far away from its companion star as the Earth is from the Sun.

Announced just in time for Halloween…



  1. if it’s dormant, does it mean it stopped working as a black hole or has not yet formed well enough to act as black holes do?


    • Two very good questions! It looks like astronomers are totally baffled by why this black hole isn’t ripping its companion star apart. The scientist in charge has been looking for dormant black holes in binary star systems for several years, but has no idea why this only seems to occur in binary systems.


  2. A binary system is a solar system with two stars. They’re actually quite common (our nearest “star,” Alpha Centauri, is actually a binary). In fiction, Luke Sky walker’s home planet of Tatooine is in a binary system. But in reality, the radiation is so intense that it’s unlikely any life would survive rotating around two stars. https://www.space.com/22509-binary-stars.html


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